Personal Payday Loan Without Proof: Which Profile Should You Have?

The personal payday loan affected or not belonging to the family of consumer credit, in principle, everyone can conclude and enjoy a personal credit without proof, provided of course to be of age. However, conditions may be set by each institution, depending on each policy. In general terms, which people could be granted a personal payday loan without justification?


Global conditions for any subscription

Global conditions for any subscription

In general, there is a classic borrower profile. Three criteria are taken into account for this purpose: the borrower is a person of full age, enjoying a stable and fixed income and therefore having a repayment capacity. These criteria generally represent the desired profile, in which the bank could generally “invest” in a loan.

But the bank will also check the borrower’s background before granting the loan in question. You need someone who is not registered in the National Register of Incidents of Credits to Individuals or FICP.

These conditions are those shared by all institutions, but in turn it is also possible for each institution to impose its own conditions in addition to them.


Conditions specific to the Personal Payday Loan without proof

Conditions specific to the personal loan without proof

Every time a bank accepts a loan, it is above all a risk that it takes. This is why, in addition to the conditions mentioned above, it will carry out a much more thorough audit to ensure the debt capacity and, as a corollary, the repayment capacity of the borrower. To do this, he will be more interested in the person of the borrower and in his financial situation. Especially since it should be noted that for a personal payday loan without proof , it is normal to focus on the person.

Thus, certain documents must be provided in support of the application such as the borrower’s identity card and proof of address, the last bank statements for the previous three months and a list and proof of all fixed charges. of the borrower.

It should be noted that when we speak of personal payday loan, a personal payday loan without evidence of resource or without administrative justification remains very rare or even impossible, even in the context of an online loan. The loan without justification usually refers to the lack of justification for expenses.


Other factors to consider

Other factors to consider

The financial capacity is more than necessary to be granted a loan. This includes the borrower’s debt and repayment capacity. Thus, a reasonable debt ratio must be presented if you want to obtain a credit . Do not forget to highlight financial stability, especially that of employment through, for example, seniority in the position you occupy. And finally, you can also demonstrate your savings capacity in support of your credit application.

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