Bad credit payday loan -Get the cheap payday loan for bad credit when you need

CamiCredit presented a new version of its website. The new site is transparent and intuitive, making it even easier to find information on it and contacting the company’s consultants faster. The site also has geolocation and weather widgets! What’s more, the company takes into account the needs of its customers and offers the first free payday to pay up to PLN 3,100!

Get the cheap payday loan for bad credit when you need it most

Cheap Loan comes out to its new clients with an attractive offer – when submitting an application for the first time, we can count on a free loan of up to PLN 3,100! The repayment period, however, oscillates between 5 and 30 days.

Such a high amount of the first free loan distinguishes the Cheap Credit offer from other loan companies available on the market. The cheap payday loan for bad credit through will be a great solution to cover unexpected expenses. In addition, new customers who use the services of the lender for the first time do not have to delve into the table of fees and commissions. We will take advantage of the first loan without worrying about extra costs. We will give back as much as we borrowed.

Cheap Credit changes the look and functionality of the website!

Currently, the site includes a large and convenient loan calculator, which immediately informs customers about the number of loans available at this location (from PLN 200 to 7,000). It also allows you to immediately determine the cost of any obligation, because after using special sliders, the customer immediately gets information about the amount of the commission, APRC and how much the total amount to pay. Determining this data on the calculator now takes a while and does not oblige to take out a loan.

For those customers who would like to carefully check the offer before making a commitment, CamiCredit has prepared two transparent sections: “Questions and Answers” and “About Us”. The first one contains the most frequently asked questions, including refinancing and transfer speed to the borrower’s account. CamiCredit cares about the time of its customers, so here we also find a table with dozens of banks – for each of them an outgoing and incoming session is given, so you can easily check when the transfer from the loan will come.

The last of the refreshed and important tabs on the page is the “Documents” tab. Customers will find there a framework loan agreement, contract terms, and regulations. Thanks to the fact that everything is clearly arranged, customers do not have to worry about missing important information. However, if they still had doubts about a specific issue, they can use the chat with a consultant – a convenient and quick conversation option. The new CamiCredit website is made with great care and customer care, and the whole is complemented by beautiful and colorful photographs in the background.

Regular customers can borrow up to PLN 7,000

Permanent borrowers can apply for payday loans up to PLN 7,000. This amount will certainly cover unexpected, larger expenses. In addition, we can count on an easier application process for your next loan. Having your account in the lender’s database, we will make the application easier and faster.

Who can apply for a quick payday loan in Cheap Credit? The lender’s requirements are not high. First of all, the borrower should be a citizen of the Republic of Poland and reside in the country. In addition, it must be between 20 and 64 years old. He should also have a valid ID card. The borrower may also not be entered in the registers of debtors.

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