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ALD Bank began operating on the financial market at the end of 2008. It is a nationwide universal bank, serving all market segments. The services of ALD Bank are most often used by clients who need reliable service at the highest level, proven and trustworthy financial products that will ensure peace and security and need individual and professional investment advice. A two-person loan, a 5% loan with a guarantee, a 5% cash loan for each customer, cash and consolidation loans, a mortgage loan, a company loan, credit cards, a revolving limit in the account are the best products on offer at ALD Bank.

ALD Bank has twice been awarded by Newsweek in the “Friendly Bank” ranking as “The Best Retail Bank”, “The Best Bank for Senior Citizens” and “The Best Bank for Disabled Customers”. In the “Best Internet Bank” category, ALD Bank also ranked high – third place in 2010. The monthly Forbes was appreciated by ALD Bank and awarded the second place in the “Best bank for companies” ranking .


One of the leading products of ALD Bank is a cash loan.

The lowest installment guarantee is the guarantee of the best choice. Only ALD Bank gives you such conditions! You do not have to think about which offer is the best. ALD Bank guarantees that the installment of the loan will be lower than that offered by another bank.


A loan with the lowest installment guarantee provides additional benefits:

A loan with the lowest installment guarantee provides additional benefits:

  • Commission 0%.
  • Funds will be paid even in 1 day.
  • A loan up to 200,000 You will receive PLN without guarantors and security.
  • You can suspend your installments free of charge for up to three months if necessary.

Significant enrichment of the offer, also allows you to take advantage of consolidation and convert all payments for loans and credit cards into one low installment, without unnecessary formalities.

You can be sure of the best choice! The lowest installment guarantee!

If before or even 2 weeks after using the offer, another bank will offer you a smaller installment, ALD Bank ensures that it will break its offer and provide you with even more favorable terms. You will receive a lower installment for the same loan period and loan amount.


A consolidation loan at ALD Bank is the best

The new consolidation loan of ALD Bank, under the name of “EZ Credits”, is a new consolidation of ALD Bank. Konsortka offers low interest rates – only 5.9% – additional cash for unexpected expenses and a high maximum loan amount of up to PLN 200,000. zł. ALD Bank offers the payment of funds even in one day!

Payments for cash loans, installments, car loans and credit cards – will be converted into one low installment. ALD Bank guarantees lower installments than those offered by other banks. All you have to do is transfer your loans to ALD Bank, and you will get double! ALD Bank will pay you 3% of transferred loans and will reduce your installment.


A loan for the proof of ALD Bank – a new offer

A consolidation loan at ALD Bank is the best

The main advantage of the loan is the possibility to obtain it without income statements , also for people who are not customers of ALD Bank – an ID card is enough. For the loan amount up to 15 thousand. The interest rate is currently only 4.9% , while the maximum amount is PLN 200,000. zł!


ALD Bank double loan

ALD Bank double loan

Take a loan with two, and regardless of the amount, the interest rate will be lower by as much as half. You do not have to be married or relatives. Every duo gains in ALD Bank!

The main advantages of the loan are:

  • interest rate lower by 50% compared to the standard one,
  • high maximum loan amount – up to PLN 200,000,
  • loan period – up to 60 months,
  • the opportunity to exchange a few expensive loans for one cheap!


Cash loan with the lowest installment. Quick payout!

New – Internet Loan 0% ALD Bank. An internet loan with a 0% commission is a special offer for people who like to do things remotely. The maximum loan amount is even 200,000. PLN , and the payment of funds takes even one day .


Consolidation loan – ALD Bank

At ALD Bank you can exchange all payments – including for cash loans, installments, car loans and credit cards – one low installment. Of course, we guarantee that the loan installment at ALD Bank will be lower than that offered by any other bank. It is an extremely attractive offer, which gives the client the confidence that he acquires a good and the cheapest loan.

Cash loan with the lowest installment. Quick payout!

ALD Bank proposes:

  • consolidation of loans up to 150,000 PLN without collateral;
  • credit suited to your options (we will pay off repayment for up to 10 years);
  • additional cash for any purpose;
  • minimum formalities;
  • consultancy of the banker who will present the offer that best suits your needs.


ALD Bank – Car loan

How else would it be – a car loan on better terms. An interesting fact is that the payment is possible even in one day. Just choose a car and apply online for a car loan. ALD Bank advisers will reach you. A low interest rate (from 6.08%), up to PLN 150,000 without an own payment and a credit decision within one hour make this offer unique.

ALD Bank – Mortgage

If you want to buy a property, a beautiful and modern apartment, then the mortgage loan at ALD Bank will be reliable. Using the mortgage at ALD Bank, you can count on the decision we receive in 1 day, and funds in 10 days will appear on the indicated account, eg a developer.

An attractive mortgage is above all a low margin, which at ALD Bank starts from 1.3% and a commission from 0%. You can credit up to 120% of the property value. The mortgage loan distinguishes one of the longest loans in the market, which can last up to 50 years. ALD Bank gives the possibility to suspend the repayment of capital up to 6 months a year (up to 5 years in total). An interesting solution ALD Bank offers for people with a small flat in Warsaw, the Tri-City or Krakow and wanting to convert them into larger ones.

Summarizing. If a mortgage? It’s only at ALD Bank!


ALD Bank – Personal account

A personal account at ALD Bank is the only account on the market whose contract you can sign online, without a visit to the branch and without a courier. This is a unique personal account, thanks to which everyone can use such a large number of functional privileges that it is impossible to list them all.

Personal account, password known to all “CHANGE ACCOUNT FOR BEST”:

  • PLN 0 for withdrawals from all ATMs in Poland and around the world
  • PLN 0 for internet transfers
  • PLN 0 for account maintenance
  • PLN 0 for packages of services “Personal Assistant” and “Helpful Professionals”
  • instant transfers to other banks even within 60 seconds

Consolidation loan without collateral

Every night, half of the money from the account earns a lot of money per year, on a night deposit. You can take advantage of an unusually high limit in your account – up to 100,000. zł. The fee of PLN 5 per card and free packages “Helpful Professionals” and “Personal Assistant” apply to customers for whom ALD Bank is the “main bank”.

ALD Bank has once again become the leader of prestigious quality rankings, prepared by independent experts in cooperation with the “Newsweek” and “Forbes” magazines.

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